Madeleine Calder

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

The Beautiful and Bizarre -A Golden Afternoon- Prepare to be transported through a collection of digital surrealistic Utopian dreamscapes like no other.


The Beautiful and Bizarre

A Golden Afternoon 

Prepare to be transported through a series of dreamscapes like no other. These Utopian scenes were born from the dystopia of our world today. I present a reflection of the Covid-19 pandemic and how it changed our perception and experience of “normal.”
By juxtaposing the everyday and out of the ordinary, through surrealism, I created a collection of images, mostly of fantastic journeys, when we ourselves were physically unable to travel far from home.

Originally conceived through the eyes of people with Autism and ADHD, I applied design principles, using composition, scale, colour, perspective and texture which transport any stressed mind to a place of curiosity and intrigue. My project was diverted from strongly textured wall-hangings with thermochromic inks and an invitation to touch, to digitally designed textiles for public and private spaces. 
Comprised of landscape and portrait formats which experiment with surrealism and iconography - experienced by focusing on repeated elements within the images - the viewer undertakes a beautiful and bizarre journey.

An interest in Global Warming, UK endangered eco systems, and the positive impact green places have on mental health inspired me to explore these themes collectively. I created a versatile design collection, accessible to all, which addresses the importance of the natural world and wildlife at home and away, and how they are all integral to human wellbeing and happiness.

-A Golden Afternoon-

highly saturated photo composite image of a woodland and butterflies

The Beautiful and Bizarre

Original microscopic images & early development


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