Laura Ewen

Product Design BSc (Hons)

In my work functionality is important to my designs, I believe in designing for a purpose while taking inspiration from minimal, playful and engaging design.


colour headshot

With the rise of recorded incidents in domestic abuse and the impact that coronavirus is having on their lives. I’ve designed a product to help support survivors and help aid the communication between the survivor and someone they trust.
The result is a two player game to be used as tool to help survivors talk about their experiences and what’s on their mind and to help the other player understand what they have been through. 

The object of the game is to work together to build different models out of bricks whilst having conversations about domestic abuse, mental health, and other issues that people who have experienced abuse might face in order to help aid recovery whilst also being a fun and engaging way to prompt open conversation. 

The game consists of bricks, build cards, conversation cards and cards to end the game. I was inspired to create the product after a family member experienced domestic abuse and the impact it had on our family. It being a difficult topic to talk about so I set to work to create something to help aid the conversation. I am a big believer in designing for a purpose and inspired by different and playful design and have created this product in the hope to help survivors talk to a friend or family member about their experiences and start their journey to recovery and hopefully have a bit of fun while their doing it.


lego and cards

Rebuild a game for survivors of domestic abuse. Packaging and box contents.

playing with lego and cards
purple card