Kirstin Moore

Illustration BDes (Hons)

I am an expressive illustrator whose work is approached with a humorous take and commonly revolves around themes of kitsch horror and femininity.


I am a Scottish illustrator who enjoys juxtaposing themes of horror, femininity and comfort through bold and bright illustrations. I am consistently inspired by films, pop culture, nostalgia and everyday experiences which is reflected throughout my work. 

Alongside having an interest in comic and zine making, I am fond of utilising portraiture as a form of storytelling to relate to the viewer and engage with those who have similar interests as myself. With detailed compositions, loose shapes and playful colour palettes, I aim to have the ability to fulfil various briefs with my style.

Through my lighthearted design work, I want to communicate a sense of humour and bring joy to the viewer.


 Man wearing a halloween Ghostface mask, black dress, gloves and boots with red blood on them. He is holding a phone and lying on a bed with the text "what's your favourite scary movie?" displayed in a speech bubble above him.

Illustrated re-imagination of Ghostface from the film ‘Scream’ at a sleepover.

Tapirulan: Utopia

 A girl inside a bowl of soup wearing several jumpers. The bowl is displayed on top of a place with buttered bread surrounding it.

Displaying my personal utopia - in a cosy environment surrounded by soup.

One Good Scare - Vol 1: Psycho

Left: cover of the zine "One Good Scare. An illustrated guide through horror. Vol 1: Psycho. By Kirstin Moore." Cover is black & white with the exception of “Psycho” in yellow. Right: open paged spread view of two pages of a zine. Left page: two women’s screaming faces displayed in a circle with a speech bubble displaying “Scream Queens” inside. Right page: black & white house with one lit with yellow. Text below both images explaining how they are represented in the film.

First volume of a series of fan-made zines that aim to guide horror fanatics through the films that define the horror genre.

Illustrated Map - Side 1

Top half: a person in their living room environment, sitting on a green couch drawing on an iPad, several posters on the wall above their head, rainbow rug on floor, hanging plant, tea pot & mug on side table, fluffy slippers also on floor, bookshelf with books, dvds, a game device, plants, rocks & pencils. Bottom left: back of a house, bottom right: front side of the same house. The house is pink & white with a blue roof.

A self promotional cross fold map created to display what inspires my creative process and who I am as an illustrator.

Illustrated Map - Side 2

 A display of hills with a large blue lady with pink hair laying across them. The lady is only wearing white pants with pink hearts covering them. A pink house with white elements and a blue roof sits upon her head, with the smoke coming out of the chimney forming a cloud which a rainbow sits above.

Back side of my self promotional cross fold map, displaying the house which illustrated me resides in placed on top of a ladies head.

Chillin' Killin'

 A white faced clown with red nose and lips is laying in a bed covered in various blankets so we only see its head. It is wearing a hair bonnet and has cucumber slices over its eyes, with a lit cigarette sticking out of its mouth. The text “Chillin’ Killin’” is placed around its head.

Concept idea of how I imagine Pennywise the clown relaxing on the weekend.

Penguin Books Competition

 Book cover of “The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the future” by David Wallace-Wells. Black background with white stars with the earth taking up the foreground as it is engulfed in flames. The green land is transitioning to brown.

Book cover design for ‘The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future’ by David Wallace-Wells.

Scriberia - 5 a Day Tips

 A square split into five sections displaying each tip. Top right is an overflowing smoothie, down one is a hand dropping beans into a pot of soup, bottom middle is a person holding a sandwich full of lettuce and tomato, left to that is a pan flipping scrambled eggs and mushrooms into the air and finally the top left displays a pizza with pineapple, tomato and sweetcorn. In the middle is a selection of fruit and veg that has the title “5 a day tips!” In the centre.

A two day project set by Scriberia to create a visual guide on how to achieve your 5 a day.

One Good Scare - Vol 2: Suspiria

Left: cover of zine: “One Good Scare. An illustrated guide through horror. Vol 2: Suspiria. By Kirstin Moore” the cover pink, blue, white with the word “Suspiria” in green. Right: open page spread of the zine. Left: shape resembling a cracked window with text in the centre explaining the zine's purpose. Right: title of the film & a short description surrounded by imagery from the film: blood, maggots, broken bone, bat, glass peacock feather, noose, bloody lips & hand reaching out to a blue iris flower.

Second volume of my fan-made horror zines.

Bad Day

Comic book open page spread. Left: girl lies in bed sleeping beside table and chair with the sun streaming through her window. On the wall next to her bed there are posters, with the biggest one reading “Bad Day”. Right: four panels, with the top three displaying a sequence of the girl getting dressed in a red t-shirt and blue jeans and pulling the chair to her dressing table. On the bottom panel she is looking in the mirror and pointing at a spot that is on her forehead, the speechbubble reads “ugh!”.

An illustrated comic which follows the day of a mother-daughter duo who sequentially experience a bad day.