Jack Fletcher

Product Design BSc (Hons)

Curiocity Cards is a unique user experience that provides a way for tourists staying in a hostel to explore the city in a fun and playful way.


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When backpacking through foreign land it can be difficult to know where to start. All too often does it feel as though you are following the same pathways as other travellers? What if there was the chance to adapt and focus, perhaps disrupt the traditional catchall through a meaningful experience based in a hostel environment. 

Through design-led thinking and the use of intriguing illustration, I aim to correct and adapt current issues specifically in the travel and tourism sector by connecting through social media presence. Hostels are known to be fast-paced settings with frequent coming and going of tourists. Additionally, there is a lacklustre, lazy approach established on tourist navigation around the city they are travelling in. By slowing down this movement and replacing it with a playful presence that gives the backpacker a second to breathe in their surroundings through three key elements. Each element stimulating the expression of play. 

‘Curiocity Cards’ provide an effective approach to city exploration for travellers based in a hostel, through playful interaction that sparks curiosity and prompts users to discover noteworthy points of interests in the city of Dundee, which can be shared and browsed for all to see and engage with.

Curiocity Cards

a box on a table surrounded by colourful cards

Interactive Card Printer with Curiocity Cards

colour business-size cards
a box of colourful business-size cards

Curiocity Cards packaging

a box on a table surrounded by colourful cards

Curiocity Cards user experience


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