Ife Njock-Barnes

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

The Caribbean Cultural Centre is a space where anyone can go to be educated on/ embrace the various Caribbean cultures.


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The misunderstandings/clashes of cultures are very prominent nowadays, as seen with the resurgence of the BLM (Black Lives Matter Movement).

With this project, I am asking if ignorance can be diminished by introducing an understanding of minority backgrounds in a space dedicated to celebrating a specific culture.

The building I am looking at is set in Birmingham, a very culturally diverse city, and from the last UK census (2011) it was found that Birmingham is home to the largest Caribbean population in the UK. The large Caribbean population is due to ‘Windrush’, in the 40’s Caribbean people were invited to help rebuild and live in the UK and one of the first ships that arrived was called ‘HMT Empire Windrush’.

Although Birmingham has the largest Caribbean population, there was only one Caribbean cultural centre I could find, when researching, and being a Caribbean person from Birmingham I had never heard of the place, which demonstrated a lack of dedicated spaces for cultural activities.

This project aims to create a Caribbean cultural centre that takes inspiration from the vast Caribbean culture and some of my previous work (an afro hair salon). With the majority of the Caribbean being black, there are many people with afro hair living there so a lot of the designs are inspired by this. The idea is for the space to host a variety of activities from Caribbean cultures but is also open to hosting non-traditional events for people from every culture.

Section of building

a cross section of a building

A section cut looking into the various floors of the building.

Caribbean Cultural Centre Video

A quick look at the process taken to the final outcome of the project.

Scale model

Final images


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