Elly Morton

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

Reviving Dundee's city centre by turning the streets into a destination.


Elly Morton headshot in black and white

I’m Elly Morton, a student at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design studying Interior and Environmental Design.

Through my time at university I have developed a particular interest in retail design and how public behaviours within retail spaces can have an impact on the economy. Therefore this thesis project appeared to be the perfect challenge for me to try and combat against Dundee’s dying high street. 

From growing up within a small family run independent business, I know all too well how much of a struggle shop owners and high street businesses face from day to day. Therefore I wanted to create a design which would transform the streets of Dundee into a destination for the public and allow small businesses to thrive off of the footfall it will create. 

By creating wonder and curiosity from large organic structures and canopies that occupy the streets, I hope to create a magnetic city centre where people can Shop, Stop off, Socialise or Settle.

The Heart

An image showing the vibrant atmosphere within the heart of the design

The heart of the design offers a vibrant and magnetic atmosphere within the city center.

The Facade

A section image highlighting the facade of the design

A section which highlights the open facade to the heart of the design.


An organic brick structure with people shopping inside

This image shows a 'shop' structure which is created to help independent business and traders survive.

Resuscitate design proposal highlighting final model

A visual overview from the conflict and point of reference to the site and the proposal itself.

Resuscitate is a design intervention that aims the revive Dundee’s city centre by encouraging the public to dwell within the streets. This is done through the use of organic structures inspired by the microscopic view of Covid-19. These Structures will provide pedestrians with places to shop, stop off, socialise and settle.

The combination of these elements within the streets will help increase pedestrian footfall and therefore help benefit the businesses situated within the centre. The coronavirus pandemic has had a detrimental impact on the economy leaving cities such as Dundee barren and empty.

This intervention aims to combat against this issue by creating a place for everyone. The design symbolises the strength and adaptability that has been shown through this pandemic.