Regulations for Election of Non-Teaching Staff Member of Court

(Note: Regulations made under Ordinance 45)

1 The election shall take place during the second semester except in the case of an election to fill a casual vacancy which may be held during the first semester.

2 The Returning Officer shall communicate with all electors not less than twenty-one days before an election calling for nominations to fill the vacancy. The communication shall include the name of the person retiring.

3 Nominations shall not be valid unless received by the Returning Officer fourteen days before the date of the election. Each nomination shall require the endorsement of two supporters, who shall be electors, and confirmation from the candidate that they agree to stand for election. Nominations may be accompanied by personal notes on the candidates subject to a maximum length determined by the Returning Officer.

4 Not less than seven days before the date of the election the Returning Officer shall communicate with all electors informing them of (i) the dates and format of the election and (ii) the names of the candidates in alphabetical order together with a statement of the candidates' names and categories of employment, the names of their supporters, and any personal notes on the candidates submitted with their nominations.

5 (1) The election shall be conducted in a format approved by the Returning Officer and under the single transferable vote system (as defined in 'How to Conduct an Election by the Single Transferable Vote' by Newland and Britton, 1976).

  (2) Candidates, or their representatives, shall be invited to be present at the counting of the votes.

  (3) The candidate with the highest number of votes shall be deemed to be elected.

  (4) In the event of a tie the election shall be decided by the drawing of lots by the candidates with equal numbers of votes in the presence of the Returning Officer.

  (5) The Returning Officer shall have power to declare a ballot paper (if used) spoilt or invalid and to decide any matter for which provision is not made in these Regulations.

6 The Returning Officer shall issue a statement of the result of the election not later than the second day following the election and shall submit the same statement to the University Court at its meeting immediately following the election.

7 (1) An election to fill a casual vacancy shall follow the foregoing procedure.

  (2) If a casual vacancy arises during the vacation preceding the semester during which an election for an ordinary vacancy is due to be held, the vacancy will be deemed to be an ordinary vacancy and will be filled by an election in the second semester.