Risk Management

The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) require all institutions to confirm they have an effective system of internal control. 

This includes an on-going process for identifying, evaluating and managing significant risks. More information can be found in the annual financial statements for the University.

The University Court has therefore adopted a Risk Management Strategy, which aims:

  • to embed a culture of risk management throughout the University
  • to motivate staff to take ownership of risks
  • to control the organisation's risk management programme through monitoring and other techniques

A Risk Management Monitoring Group, implements the strategy. The group is chaired by the University Secretary, with representation from the Colleges and Student and Academic Support Services.

In accordance with the strategy, the Monitoring Group has developed an Institutional Risk Register, which is under regular review. It has also devolved the process of risk identification and evaluation to all Colleges and support services in the University, which produce their own local risk registers. The Monitoring Group regularly reports to the Audit Committee.

You can obtain advice from designated contacts regarding legal and other compliance issues relevant to risk management.

Contact Dr Christine Milburn (Policy Officer, Corporate Governance) for information on institutional and local risk registers.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Risk management also encompasses disaster recovery planning and business continuity management, and the Risk Management Monitoring Group has developed a set of Guidelines for managing a crisis. The University's Risk Management Monitoring Group has approved a policy statement on Business Continuity Management, and an Institutional Business Continuity Plan (updated July 2014).

Additionally, all Colleges and support services are expected to maintain up-to-date disaster recovery plans in the form of a Disaster Recovery Plan Template approved by the Risk Management Monitoring Group. Guidance on the development of Business Continuity Plans from the Business Continuity Sponsor (Mr Gordon Davies) are provided for further guidance on the development of Business Continuity Plans.


For further advice on Business Continuity Planning please contact:

University's Business Continuity Sponsor
Mr Gordon Davies
T: 01382 386497.