Note: SMT have delegated the responsibility for the approval of nominations under these Procedual Rules to each College Board. Approvals and renewals should be noted at College Board and reported to Senate in the College Board Report.

1. In these Rules "the SMT" means the Senior Management Team or its successor body.

2. (1) The title of Honorary Professor or Honorary Reader may be conferred upon an individual in recognition of his or her significant personal contribution to the work of the University.

(2) In the case of a member of the academic staff of another University in the United Kingdom, collaboration in research work alone will not normally be regarded as adequate justification for the conferment of an Honorary Professorship or Honorary Readership.

(3) In the case of candidates from outwith the higher education sector whose nominations arise from professionally-related departments, particular account shall be taken of their eminence nationally or internationally in terms of the contribution made to their chosen profession which may or may not be attested to by an extensive publications record.

(4) It will normally be expected that candidates will be of sufficient eminence to enhance the status of the University or to be of sufficient stature to be appointable to an established chair or University Readership.

3. An appointment made in terms of these Rules shall normally be for a period of three years in the first instance but may be extended for a further period or periods:

provided that an appointment made in relation to the appointee's tenure of a particular post in another University or publicly-funded research institute shall lapse with the termination of such tenure.

4. (1) A nomination for appointment shall be submitted by a relevant member of staff to his/her respective Dean who, if supportive of the appointment, shall forward them with comments to the Head of College for subsequent consideration by the SMT.

(2) Each nomination shall be accompanied by:

(a) a full supporting statement indicating inter alia the contributions to the work of the University made by, and/or expected of, the nominee, and

(b) a curriculum vitae.

(3) The SMT reserves the right to consult independent Assessors in relation to any nomination.

5. After careful consideration of the merits of a nomination including, where appropriate, the views of any Assessor(s), the SMT shall either:

(a) endorse the nomination and recommend accordingly to the Senatus, or

(b) invite the proposer to furnish any additional information which may seem necessary, or

(c) reject the nomination.

6. (1) A recommendation for the renewal of an existing appointment made in terms of these Rules shall be submitted by the Dean concerned to the Head of College not less than three months before such appointment is due to expire. For renewals, a curriculum vitae is not always necessary.

(2) In coming to a decision on the renewal of an appointment the SMT shall have regard to the extent to which the appointee will continue to contribute to the work of the University.


January 2008