While nominations for honorary degrees will be judged entirely on their individual merits, normally nominees should meet the majority of the following criteria:

  1. be people who have made an exceptionally meritorious contribution to their chosen field whether that be commerce, education (by teaching, research, or administration), or other public service;
  2. have an outstanding record of voluntary and selfless service to the community;
  3. have relevance to the life and work of the University or have some connection to it or to the locality;
  4. serve as an example of ambition and achievement to the University's students and graduands;
  5. enhance the University's academic or general reputation; and
  6. have the potential to act as a champion and supporter of the University.

Members may wish to be reminded of the decision of the Senatus that the LLD should be the normal honorary degree, on the understanding that the DSc or the DLitt or a sub-doctoral degree may be conferred in appropriate circumstances. The conferment of an honorary degree upon a retired professor of the University is to be regarded as exceptional, and any recommendation for such an award must be supported by special considerations. Members should also be reminded that serving UK politicians are not normally considered for the award of honorary degrees.

A single proposer's name is sufficient to support a recommendation. A recommendation is not, in the Senate's view, strengthened by multiplication of supporting names. A proposal must bear the signature of a member of the Senate. Proposers are expected to make a case for their nominees typically by submitting about a page of argument specifically addressing the criteria set out above.

Members of the Senate are reminded that the Honorary Degrees Committee does not carry forward names from year to year and that, accordingly, it is necessary to resubmit, if they so wish, their nomination of any person previously nominated without success.

Persons upon whom honorary degrees have been conferred in earlier years are listed in the Calendar.

Academic Secretary

May 2007