An extract from the meeting of the Senate on 30 January 1991 provides the following criteria for Distance Learning programmes:

  1. Curriculum content, procedures for assessment and teaching arrangements should be approved in detail by the relevant Faculty Board.
  2. Courses should be directly comparable with in-house courses at the same level in terms of content and standard other than in those cases where exceptional variation is specifically approved by the relevant Faculty Board.
  3. Assessment procedures may take a variety of forms but should be subject to the same safeguards and scrutiny as that applicable to in-house courses.
  4. Examinations, where required by the Regulations, should be sat in the University where possible under the same conditions as those applicable to in-house courses. If this should be impractical the examinations should be sat in other centres approved by the appropriate Faculty Board and normally supervised by a responsible member of the University teaching staff.
  5. All assessment material should be available as a matter of course to the external examiner.
  6. All students on distance learning courses should register in each year of study.
  7. Particular care should be exercised if a credit accumulation model is adopted. Certification of discrete modules which may eventually be counted towards a University qualification should not be left to the discretion of a department. Such certification should be a matter for Faculty Board approval and should be subject to the same standards and scrutiny in terms of content and assessment as that applicable to whole degree or diploma programmes.