Graduates' Council Business Committee

Vacancies on the Business Committee

The Graduates’ Council meets once a year to receive a report on the work of the University and hear from its representatives on Court. The Council has a Business Committee which meets twice a year and is responsible for organising its activities. Information on the current membership of the Committee can be found on our Membership page.

There are two vacancies on the Business Committee, for which nominations are invited. The term of office is four years. Candidates must provide a 250 word personal statement and be nominated by two fellow graduates. Business Committee Nomination Form must reach the Secretary by Monday 30th March 2015 to enable the statements to be included in the ballot paperwork distributed for the meeting. Any eligible candidates submitting forms between 30th March 2015 and 3pm on Saturday 4 April 2015 will be considered eligible for the election, however their statement will not be included in the distributed paperwork and instead they will be asked to provide a short verbal statement at the meeting itself. If you are unable to download the form from the link above, or wish to discuss the role or your eligibility please contact Dr Christine Milburn by email to:; OR telephone: +44 (0)1382 385562.