The Legal team is an adviser and representative in all legal risk and contract management matters for the University (excepting RIS, Procurement and TASC). Its key objective is to help the University to prevent operational risks becoming legal liabilities. The Legal team helps operational parts of the business identify, report and manage legal risks affecting specific projects or day to day business in an organised and consistent way.

We provide a full range of legal services to the University in a variety of fields; including but not limited to employment, property, corporate governance, student and school issues, contracts and intellectual property.

The Legal team helps the University:

  • protect itself from a loss of rights
  • enforce its contractual rights
  • avoid and manage conflicts
  • settle disputes.

Contracts are becoming increasingly complex, reflecting the rise in corporate regulations and standards both domestically and internationally. Accordingly, it is essential to involve the Legal team at the earliest possible stage in any project or collaboration which will create a legal relationship with a third party. With early involvement, the Legal team will gain a much better understanding of the impact of the venture, and will identify areas which require further negotiation more quickly.

The Legal team are encouraged by the Director of Legal to provide you with advice which looks at the business deal as a whole, rather than focussing on preparing legal documentation for what may be a flawed deal. Advice will therefore be business-focussed and should help you address business opportunities and threats in a legally permissible, effective and efficient manner which prioritises risk management.

The Legal team represents the University as an institution; and its staff, officers, agents and employees during the course of their employment and discharge of their official capacities. The Legal team cannot provide personal legal advice or direct advice to students.