What is Staff Council?

The Charter of the University of Dundee states that:

There shall be a Staff Council of the University which shall consist of all the staff of the University and such  other  members  of  the  University  as  shall  be  designated  by  the  Senatus. The  Principal  shall  be Chairperson of the Staff Council.

The  powers  and  functions  of  the  Staff  Council  and  all  other  matters  relative  thereto  which  it  may  be thought proper so to regulate shall be as prescribed in the Statutes or Ordinances.

Election Information

Staff Council Member to Serve on University Court

There was an election from 24th-31st May 2018 to choose a non-academic member of Staff Council to serve on Court (the University's governing body).

The Election Result can be found on Box: Election Result

Information on Staff Council can also be found in:

Regulations regarding elections to Court and Senatus Academicus by the Staff Council:

Representatives on Court and Senatus

Two representatives of the Council are elected from time to time to serve on the Court and the Senatus. The Council's current elected members on Court are Professor Tim Kelly and Rebecca Leiper and the current elected members on the Senatus are Dr Lucina Hackman and Professor Rami Abboud.

Staff Council Standing Committee

As stated in Ordinance 27, There shall be a Standing Committee of the Staff Council consisting of twenty?one members.
Each School shall elect two members, one of whom shall be and one of whom shall not be an academic member of staff.
The Professional Services shall elect three members.

The functions of the Standing Committee shall be as follows:

  1. to prepare the agenda for meetings of the Staff Council;
  2. to advise concerning the calling of Special Meetings of the Staff Council under Statute 15(3) and on the calling of meetings of the Staff Council outside term time;
  3. such other functions as the Staff Council may from time to time determine.

Regulations regarding the election of Staff Council Standing Committees:

Meetings of the Standing Committee in 2018

  • 5th February 2018
  • 3rd April 2018
  • 30th October 2018