Remit of the subcommittee

  • reviewing governance processes and associated research and related policy extant at both University and the local level, and identifying need for improvement and development including the involvement of external stakeholders;
  • establishing systems which accommodate the needs of good institutional governance, that are externally accountable and which take into account the diversity of the institution’s research activities;
  • ensuring that institutional research governance processes are transparent and are well communicated throughout the University;
  • promoting “buy-in” by facilitating dialogue and dissemination of good and consistent practice across the colleges;
  • attempting to minimize the burden of governance and policy demands on research staff commensurate with achieving high levels of internal and external confidence in the University’s processes.

Membership of the sub-committee

  • Professor Alan Fairlamb CBE (Convener), Professor of Biochemistry and Welcome Principal Research Fellow, School of Life Sciences
  • Dr Paul Davies, MRC PPU Unit Manager, School of Life Sciences
  • Dr Raluca Eftimie, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, School of Science & Engineering
  • Dr Jacob George, Research & Development Director, Tayside Medical Science Centre (TASC)
  • Dr Elizabeth Hannah, Senior Lecturer, School of Education and Social Work and Convener, University Research Ethics Committee
  • Dr Nicholas Helps, Head of Safety Services, Human Resources
  • Professor Lynn Kilbride, Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Convener, TASC Research Governance Committee
  • Dr Sharon King, Manager, Tayside Biorepository
  • Dr Luke Newman, Director of Biological Services
  • Professor Colin Palmer, Chair of Pharmacogenomics and Interim Associate Dean for Research, School of Medicine
  • Dr Clive Randall, Research Policy Manager, Academic & Corporate Governance
  • Professor Cameron Ross, Research and Scholarship Convener, Politics and International Relations, School of Social Sciences
  • Dr Murray Simpson, Reader, School of Education & Social Work
  • Mrs Hannah Whaley, Assistant Director (Research & Systems), Library & Learning Centre

Secretary: Miss Nicola Millar