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The principal purpose of the QASC is to provide leadership and make decisions on all areas that relate to quality and academic standards across the University.  The specific areas that fall within the QASC remit are described below.

Remit of the QASC

  1. To make decisions (on behalf of Senate) on the approval of new programmes, the revalidation of existing programmes, changes to taught provision (including the withdrawal or suspension of programmes), the academic approval and review of collaborative taught provision, consideration of proposals for the accreditation of taught provision from bodies without degree awarding powers, the approval of degree regulations and the approval of any exceptions to University academic policies.  The QASC will also provide ‘light touch’ oversight of certificated non-credit bearing taught provision.
  2. To be responsible for the development, review and revision of the University’s Quality Framework and to ensure that University policies and practices are aligned with national expectations and local priorities.  It will provide oversight of the approaches to quality and academic standards within the Schools.
  3. To have oversight of external examining for the University.
  4. To have primary responsibility for the development and implementation of University-wide academic policies and regulations, and for providing an appropriate governance framework to support, promote and enhance quality in learning and teaching.
  5. To have responsibility for the monitoring of student progression, retention and achievement and to develop action plans, policies and procedures to promote improvement in these areas.

Members 21-22

Convener: Vice-Principal Education Professor Blair Grubb

  • Erica Hensens - Director of Quality & Academic Standards
  • Christine Kingsley - School of Art & Design
  • Dr Alastair Watson - School of Business
  • Dr Andrew Mason - School of Dentistry
  • Carrie McLennan - School of Education & Social Work
  • Dr Alan MacDonald - School of Humanities
  • Professor Jenny Woof - School of Life Sciences
  • Dr Susie Schofield - School of Medicine
  • Lesley McKinlay - School of Health Sciences
  • Rachel Menzies - School of Science & Engineering
  • Janeth Warden-Fernandez - School of Social Sciences
  • Lesley Sinclair - Director of Registry
  • Karen Martin/Dr Shane Collins - External Relations
  • Dr Sandra Oza - Doctoral Academy
  • TBA - EPDU 
  • Dimitri Vidakis - DUSA President
  • Zechariah Laari - DUSA VPA
  • Debbie Smith - QAS
  • Duncan Brown - QAS

Committee Secretary: