The Internationalisation Committee will be responsible for the leadership of the Internationalisation Strategy and support Schools and Directorates with local implementation.

Committee Membership 2022/23

Convener: Vice-Principal (International) Professor Wendy Alexander

  • Peter Fotheringham (Director of Finance)
  • Daniela Bolle (Head of Research Development)
  • Dr Roseanne Cetnarskyj (School of Health Sciences)
  • Professor Fordyce Davidson (School of Science & Engineering)
  • Jason Norris (Director of Global Partnerships)
  • Jen Sloan (Head of Global Engagement & Recruitment)
  • Professor Kim Dale (School of Life Sciences)
  • Professor Faisel Khan (School of Medicine)
  • Professor Chris Murray (School of Humanities, Social Sciences & Law)
  • Cameron Wilson (School of Art & Design)
  • Professor Hari Hundal (Regional Lead)
  • Professor Peter McEleavy (School of Humanities, Social Sciences & Law)
  • Professor Peter Mossey (School of Dentistry)
  • Dr Stephen Land (School of Life Sciences)
  • Professor Morris Altman (Deans Group Representative)
  • DUSA President
  • DUSA Vice-President (Academia)
  • Rebecca Trengove (Director of External Relations)
  • Dr Richard Ingram (School of Humanities, Social Sciences & Law)
  • Dr Shane Collins (Director of Future Students)
  • Naomi Jeffery (Head of Strategic Intelligence)
  • Professor William Russell (School of Business/Lead New Programmes)
  • Fiona Woodward (International Administration Leads Representative)
  • Keith Mackle (Student Services)
  • Dr Corrine Wales (Director of ICD)
  • Director of Quality & Academic Standards
  • Andrew Munns (Director of DII-CSU)
  • Dr Nicholas Brewer (Academic Lead ICD)