Denis Taylor

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Denis Taylor has over 20 years of experience in leadership positions with internationally successful private and public sector organisations.

He areas of experience include General Management, Supply Chain, Business Improvement, Organisation Design and International Economic Development.

He graduated in Physics from the University of Strathclyde, and began his career as a research scientist with EMI Medical in London. He later joined Ferranti’s Microwave business in Dundee and then NCR’s ATM division – both in engineering roles.

His career developed internationally in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and China with NCR, AT&T, Dell, and with the Scottish Government’s economic development agency - Scottish Development International.

Management positions he has held include,

  • Senior Director, Foreign Investment & Trade - Scottish Development International. (Glasgow)
  • Managing Director and Vice President - Solectron Europe (UK, Holland, France & Hungary)
  • Vice President – World Wide Procurement DELL (Texas)
  • Vice President - Operations & Quality, AT&T (Minnesota)
  • Director - Quality and Engineering, NCR (Dundee and New York)

A common interest throughout his career has been a drive for continuous improvement and with a focus on what he describes as “organisational productivity – the performance of people and the tools and structures that support them”.

In 2009, he established his own company, the Hidden Office ltd, a consultancy dedicated to helping organisations release the full, latent potential of their staff and operations. He also provides training to public sector organisations throughout the UK on how to attract foreign investment.

He is considered an industry expert on “internationalisation” and is often asked to provide views to press and to government sponsored committees.

He is a volunteer with the Prince’s Trust where he trains and mentors young people in business enterprise, sales and marketing.

Denis is married with two grown children and while born in Aberdeen he has long since “adopted” Dundee , where he has lived on and off for over 30 years, as his family home.

Declared Interests

Declared Interests
Start of Term on Court 1 August 2013 (co-opted lay member of Court)
Employment (other than University of Dundee) Managing Director 'The Hidden Office Ltd'
Directorships, etc.

Owner and Director 'The Hidden Office Ltd' 2009-present

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Related Parties Wife has a part-time associate lecture contract at the University to teach a science module to primary school undergraduate teacher trainees.
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