(Updated December 2016)
  • to review the progress and impact of the People strategy in helping to deliver the University’s strategic objectives;
  • through agreed performance indicators, monitor the implementation, effectiveness and relevance of the People Strategy;
  • to evaluate planned strategic interventions to support organisational development and cultural change
  • to consider strategies to promote, champion and support transformational leadership and management
  • to consider and evaluate the implications of significant workforce trends within the sector and more widely to ensure that the People strategy continues to be fit for purpose and reflects best practice;
  • to review on a regular basis the staffing profile of the University, report on trends and monitor against key HR metrics/analytics both internal and external;
  • to review and evaluate identified risks relating to staff and ensure that mitigation is in place against these risks;
  • to approve the development and implementation of key HR policies and procedures including those relating to Equality & Diversity, Health and Safety, Staff Development, Promotion/Grading and performance;
  • to monitor compliance with the legal and regulatory framework for HR, Equality & Diversity and Health & Safety, consider and assess associated risks and to endorse the arrangements in place to ensure compliance;
  • to ensure that the University’s joint consultative arrangements are appropriate and effective and consider reports as appropriate;
  • to keep under review arrangements for monitoring staff attitudes, opinions and well- being; oversee the implementation of actions arising to ensure delivery and the monitoring of outcomes.
  • to monitor and review a staff risk retention register

People and Organisational Development Committee - 2017/18

(as from 1 August 2017)


Officers normally in attendance

  • University Secretary
  • Vice-Principal (Academic Planning & Performance)
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Deputy Director of Human Resources
  • Policy Officer (Risk & Audit) (Secretary)
  • Other officers at the discretion of the Director of Human Resources

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