Updated November 2020
  • To support the institution’s implementation of the University Strategy in relation to its people-related objectives, actions and KPIs and to promote staff welfare;
  • To develop, implement and review principles, policies and procedures on all matters relating to people for all staff employed by the University, and to ensure that these comply with the requirements of relevant employment legislation;
  • To monitor and review all health and safety arrangements within the University affecting staff, students and visitors and to advise Court on statutory and other requirements relating to its responsibilities for health and safety;
  • To advise the Court on statutory and other requirements relating to its responsibilities for equality and diversity;
  • To monitor and evaluate the University’s staff development policies and to promote relevant developmental opportunities for staff;
  • To sustain and evaluate an equal opportunities policy for the University and to sponsor programmes of action in support of the policy;
  • To oversee the staff consultative process with the recognised trade unions and to advise the Court accordingly.


People & Organisational Development Committee Remit & Terms of Reference

People and Organisational Development Committee 2022/23

(as of 1 August 2022)


Officers normally in attendance

  • University Secretary
  • Vice-Principal (Provost) 
  • Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development
  • Deputy Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development
  • Assistant Policy Officer (Risk & Audit) (Secretary)
  • Other officers at the discretion of the Director of Human Resources

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