Updated September 2017
    1. To advise the Court on any matter pertaining to the finances, the financial health and the operational performance of the University;
    2. To set the financial parameters within which the University operates in light of government policies on higher education and public spending, the resource allocation policies of the SFC and the main research funders;
    3. To approve financial forecasts;
    4. To approve annual budgets and to monitor performance against those budgets using relevant performance indicators;
    5. To review draft strategic planning documents and to consider their resource implications;
    6. To approve the allocation of resources to support University strategies and plans;
    7. To approve projects involving major capital expenditure within the terms of the Schedule of Delegation and to ensure that appropriate oversight is provided on such projects;
    8. To approve and monitor the Estates Strategy and associated key performance indicators;
    9. To review and, where appropriate, contribute to the development of policies and procedures which affect the Committee’s ability to carry out its role as set out above. 


FPC Remit and Terms of Reference

Finance & Policy Committee Membership 2018/19

(as from 1 August 2018)


Officers normally in attendance

  • Convener of Audit Committee
  • University Secretary
  • Vice-Principal (Research, Knowledge Exchange and Wider Impact)
  • Vice-Principal (Provost)
  • Director of Finance
  • Deputy Director of Finance
  • Director of Academic & Corporate Governance
  • Director of Campus Services
  • Director of Strategic Planning
  • Policy Officer (Corporate Governance) (Secretary)

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