The Complaints Session Workshop remit is to:

  • Train staff
  • Share good practice
  • Develop guidance

The Workshop meets twice a year and meetings are open to all staff (including Complaints Handlers‌).

Workshop Group Agenda and Papers

Agendas for the meetings will be available a week before the meeting.

DateAgendaPapersNotes of Meeting
15 December 2015 Agenda No Papers No Notes
25 April 2014 Agenda Papers Notes
20 Sept 2013 No agenda No Papers Notes
19 April 2013 Agenda Papers Notes
23 November 2013 ‚ÄĆAgenda No Papers No Notes
30 March 2012 Agenda No Papers Notes
27 May 2011 Agenda No Papers Notes
4 June 2010 Agenda No Papers Topics discussed
20 October 2009 Initial session - no programme No papers No Notes

Other Useful Documents/Papers

Working Group

The remit of the Complaints Session Working Group will be to develop a training handbook with generic guidance for staff and students and will meet ad hoc.

Members of the Working Group are:

  • Fiona O'Donnell (Convener), Director of Legal
  • Alan Bell, Records Manager, ARMMS
  • Maggie Davidson, HR
  • Heather Henderson, School Secretary, School of Psychology
  • Denise Jackson, Deputy Director, Library & Learning Centre
  • Keith Mackle, Student Services
  • Lesley McLellan, Director of Quality Assurance
  • Linda Walker, Social Work
  • Working Group Secretary: Karen Stulka, Legal

Notes of Working Group Meetings

4 March 2013 Notes
22 January 2013 Notes
4 July 2012 Notes