The Student Governance Oversight Group (SGOG) meets bi-annually to look at current policies for dealing with appeals, complaints and discipline.


In broad terms the remit of the Student Governance Oversight Group is to ensure that there are transparent, fair and equitable processes in place to support students’ learning and to ensure the University community lives by its stated values.  In particular, it includes the following:


  • to monitor and review good practice in the consideration of complaints, discipline cases and academic appeals;
  • to develop, implement, maintain and review consistent policies and procedures regulating complaints, discipline cases and academic appeals;
  • to contribute to the development of policies in related areas, where disciplinary outcomes may be appropriate or necessary;
  • to receive and review statistical data in relation to complaints, discipline cases and academic appeals; and
  • to respond to and inform the external policy environment in relation to the above areas of remit.


  • Director of Academic & Corporate Governance (Convener)
  • President, Dundee University Students’ Association
  • Director of Legal
  • Director of Admissions and Student Recruitment
  • Director of Quality & Academic Standards
  • Director of Student Services
  • Assistant Director of Student Services
  • Enquiry Centre Manager
  • Deputy Director of Library & Learning Centre
  • Head of Information Governance
  • Head of Precinct Services
  • Students’ Assessor(s)
  • Compliance Manager (Student) (Committee Secretary)