The Monitoring & Advisory Group meets bi-annually to look at current policies for dealing with appeals, complaints and discipline.


The Monitoring & Advisory Group remit is to monitor and review good practice in the consideration of complaints, discipline and appeals policy and procedures and to review any University statistical trends which may identify areas requiring specific attention or review.


  • Convener: Dr Neale Laker, Director of Academic and Corporate Governance
  • Alan Bell, Head of Information Governance and Joint Assistant Director of Culture and Information
  • Jennifer Ciolfi, Head of Precinct Services
  • Dr Shane Collins, Director of Admissions and Student Recruitment
  • Erica Hensens, Director of Quality and Academic Standards
  • Denise Jackson, Deputy Director of Library and Learning Centre
  • Keith Mackle, Assistant Director of Student Services
  • Graham Nicholson, Director of Student Services
  • Professor Jeanette Paul, DJCAD (Students' Assessor)
  • President, DUSA
  • Umran Sarwar, Director of Legal
  • Margaret Wyllie, Residences Officer and Enquiry Centre Manager
  • Karen Stulka, Committee Secretary