What is fitness to practise?

Fitness to practise is about ensuring public protection and maintaining and upholding professional standards. It is also about maintaining trust and confidence in the relevant professions.


When can a student’s fitness to practise be impaired?

A student’s fitness to practise is called into question when their professional behaviour falls below expected levels or where their health raises a serious or persistent cause for concern about their ability to continue on their course, or to practise in their field after registration.  


Why does the University have a Fitness to Practise Procedure?

The University has a responsibility to ensure that students studying towards a professional qualification are fit to practise in their chosen profession. The University must not graduate students where fitness to practise concerns have been raised or are under consideration.

The University has a process to identify and deal with students whose fitness to practise may be impaired. The following Schools are subject to the University’s Fitness to Practise Procedure:

  • Dentistry
  • Education and Social Work
  • Medicine
  • Nursing and Health Sciences


Fitness to Practise Procedure

For more information about fitness to practise please refer to the University's Fitness to Practise Procedure:

If your Fitness to Practise process commenced prior to 1 November 2018, please contact your School Manager to obtain a copy of the relevent Fitness to Practise Procedure.