The directorate of Academic & Corporate Governance is responsible for the support of a wide range of functions including:


  • servicing the Court, the Senatus Academicus and their Committees, and taking forward the development of policy and procedures initiated by those bodies
  • servicing the Academic Council and Graduates’ Association
  • maintaining the governance instruments of the institution (Charter, Statutes and Ordinances)
  • maintaining the University's policies, procedures and regulations in relation to corporate and academic matters

Legal Services

  • providing advice and guidance including legal advice, on learning & teaching and employment issues in the context of University policies, procedures and regulations and any other issues requiring legal advice.

Learning & Teaching

  • support the development of Learning & Teaching strategy and practice through the Vice-Principal (Learning & Teaching).

Quality Assurance

  • assuring the quality of learning and teaching and enhancing the student experience;
  • supporting DUSA in the areas of student representation and the election of student officers; and

Early Dispute Resolution

  • leading the Early Dispute Resolution (EDR) Initiative and service in the University.

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