Tim Hunter
Dundee gave me transferrable skills to go into the professional world. Even before I had officially graduated I had secured a career position with a global logistics company based in southern England

Tim Hunter

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My time as a student at the University of Dundee is a period of my life I will always remember. I spent four years studying for an MA in Environmental Science and Geography with an amazing group of classmates and had some of the best lecturers available with so much knowledge and experience which helped made the modules you can choose so diverse and interesting. Dundee has certainly given me the transferable skills to go into the professional world of work out with the geography sector.

Within 2 weeks of submitting my dissertation, I was offered a job working with the world’s largest freight forwarders Kuehne + Nagel. So even before I had officially graduated I moved down to Birmingham to start a new career in logistics where I work as an airfreight export operator, basically where I organise and process bookings with companies to send their goods all over the world on aircraft.

Studying at Dundee as given me so many transferable skills such as being able to communicate with people from all corners of the world, being able to work to strict deadlines to ensure shipment arrive and move on time and being able to effectively work as a global team to ensure we keep our customers happy.

Despite not fully following the geography route with my career, I was also able to use the techniques I learned on field trips while I was a trainee leader with British Exploring in the Indian Himalayas during the summer of 2016. I spent over 6 weeks living over 14’000 feet learning about the fragile Himalaya environment and the changed that have occurred. I really enjoyed being able to look at lake sediments help give an impression of how the environment was in the past, and how the change to the environment and climate is affecting the local people’s livelihoods and future.

I would highly recommend the University of Dundee and the School of the Environment as I had a great experience and it will open up so many different route for you, and you will certain enjoy your time at the University of Dundee.