The group’s research is dynamic and distinctive, using innovation in methods as a driver of policy and practice change. Our research draws on a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches that are often participatory. We work with communities as motivators of their own change. Members of the group have particular expertise in relation to crime, forced labour, health and disability, media, migration, policing, poverty and security.

We have strong links with policymakers through a range of public and non-profit sector organisations, including the Consortium for Street Children (London), Home Office, Scottish Government, Police Scotland, United Nations and Volunteer Development Scotland. The group has worked with societal groups including the homeless, differently-abled, children and youth, women and the elderly. Our approach to researching with people is the central pillar of the work that we do to build equity and security.

The inclusive group comprises academic staff from across the Environment, plus a growing number of research assistants and postgraduate students. Our postgraduate students are a key part of our research environment and are also working on issues related to equality, social justice and security


2014-6 Scottish and Southern Energy and the Technology Strategy Board. £170,000. 'Knowledge Transfer Partnership on "vulnerable" people and resilience' (E. Hall and T. Kroll).
2014-15 Documenting violations of children’s rights around the World Cup in Brazil. Oak Foundation (£30,933). Lorraine van Blerk (PI), Andrea Fernandes, Fernando Fernandes, Peter McEleavy, Jonathan Mendel and Nick Fyfe (all Dundee University) and Irene Rizzini (Pontifical Catholic University in Rio de Janerio).
2014 Assets, savings and wealth, and poverty: A review of evidence. Joseph Rowntree Foundation (£10,000). Beverley Searle and Stephan Köppe
2013-14 Chief Scientists Office. £180,722. 'Geographical differences in the uptake of colorectal and breast cancer screening in Scotland' (R. Steele (Dundee), AS Fotheringham (St Andrews), A Geddes, G Libby and P Whelehan (all Dundee).
2012-15 Mind the (housing) Wealth Gap: Intergenerational Transfers and Family Welfare. Leverhulme Research Grant (£0.7m). PI Beverley Searle, with Lorna Fox O’Mahony (Essex), Duncan Maclennan and Kim McKee (St Andrews), Karen Rowlingson (Birmingham). Research Fellow Stephan Köppe
2012-15 StreetInvest: 1.2 million Growing up in the streets (Lorraine van Blerk with Wayne Shand and Patrick Shanahan (StreetInvest))
2012-14 INTEGRATE: International Network of Generational Transfers Research. ESRC International Partnerships Network Scheme (£25,000). PI Beverley Searle, Administrator Stephan Köppe, with Tomas Kostelecky (IOS, Czech Republic), Marja Elsinga (Delft, Netherlands), Shin Iwata (Toyama, Japan), Martin Kohli (European University Institute), Peter Lloyd-Sherlock (East Anglia).
2012-13 Scottish Crucible Project Grant. £3,932. 'Stop Traffic: Unweaving the Web of Online Human Trafficking' (Jonathan Mendel with colleagues at St Andrews, Dundee, Glasgow Caledonian and Northumbria universities).
2012-13 Research Fellowship, Leverhulme Trust. £14,729. ‘PCSOs as the paraprofessionals of policing’ (Megan O'Neill).
2012 Scottish Government/Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW). £19,400. 'Insurance Provision and Affordability in Flood Risk Areas'. (Tom Ball, Allan Werritty, Alan Geddes, Andrew Black.)
2011-13 'Missing people: process, experiences and responses', Economic and Social Research Council, £511,408 (Nick Fyfe with Hester Parr (Glasgow University) and Penny Woolnough (Grampian Police))
2011 YMCA Scotland: 'Plusone Mentoring Evaluation', (Donna Brown, Fiona  Smith, Lorraine van Blerk) £20,000
2011 Knowledge Exchange event 'Natural disaster mitigation for people with disabilities: identifying vulnerability, building resilience', Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience, University of Dundee, £1000 (Ed Hall with Thilo Kroll and Sue Dawson)
2010-14 'Postgraduate Programme in Policing Studies', Scottish Funding Council and Scottish Police Services Authority. £300,000 to establish new MSc degree programme targeted at practitioners and delivered by the Scottish Institute for Policing Research.
2010-11 Church of Scotland. £10,000. 'Assessing Deprivation in Rural Parishes' (Alistair Geddes and Donald Houston).
2010-11 Routes into employment for people with learning disabilities: the role of self-directed support, Scottish Government/Scottish Consortium for Learning Disabilities, £50,000 (Ed Hall)
2010 'Custody Visiting in Scotland: an evaluation of current practice', Independent Custody Visiting Association, £19,996 (Nick Fyfe with Martin Elvins (University of Dundee)).
2007-09 Averting new variant famine in southern Africa: building food secure livelihoods with AIDS-affected young people, ESRC-DFID, £201,757 (Lorraine van Blerk  with Nicola Ansell and Elsbeth Robson (Brunel University))
2009-12 Economic and Social Research Council / Scottish Funding Council 'An Applied Quantitative Methods Research Network' (Alistair Geddes (one of 12 co-investigators from Scottish HEIs) and S McVie (PI)). 
2009-11 Joseph Rowntree Foundation. £79,800. Consultant ‘Experience of Forced Labour in the UK Food Industry’ (S Scott (Bristol), G Craig (Hull) and Alistair Geddes)
2009-11  Joseph Rowntree Foundation. £149,000. Consultant, ‘Scope of Forced Labour in the UK’ (S Scott (Bristol), G Craig (Hull), Alistair Geddes and L Ackers (Liverpool)).
2009-11  Joseph Rowntree Foundation ' Forced Labour in the UK - Scoping Study and Experience Study' (Alistair Geddes and S Scott (PI))
2009-11 Joseph Rowntree Foundation 'Pluvial Flooding in Urban Areas' (Donald Houston (PI) and Alistair Geddes)  
2009-11 Economic and Social Research Council funded study of 'East European migration to the UK' (Allan Findlay with colleagues at the University of Southampton)
2008-09 UK Government Department of Innovations, Universities and Skills 'Motivations for UK international student mobility' (Alistair Geddes, A Findlay, R King and R Skeldon). 
2008-09 Department of Innovations, Universities and Skills funded study of 'Motivations for UK international student mobility' (Allan Findlay with Fiona Smith, Alistair Geddes, Russell King and Ronald Skeldon (University of Sussex)
May 2008 Getting off the escalator? A study of Scots out-migration from a global city region - A Case Study Allan FINDLAY, Donald HOUSTON, David McCOLLUM, Colin MASON and Richard HARRISON 
Project Website
2008 The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research Project: £2000 to conduct empirical research on 'Youth Gangs and Knife Carrying in Dundee' (Donna Brown)
2008 'Generating spaces of social inclusion for people with learning disabilities', Nuffield Foundation, £6474 (Ed Hall)
2008 'Making sense of gene-environment relations: a case-study of medical genetic research on type 2 diabetes', Carnegie Trust, £1878 (Ed Hall)
2006-09 Street children's life paths and family relations in Cape Town, South Africa (Lorraine van Blerk)
2006-08 'Geography and Gender: Understanding the Rising Number of Women on Incapacity Benefit' (Donald Houston with Christina Beatty and Steve Fothergill, Sheffield Hallam). £189,433 from ESRC

Postgraduate Study

The group also has an active and growing postgraduate school. All staff contribute to the ESRC recognised MSc courses in Social Research Methods (Population and Welfare) and Social Research Methods. Geography is ESRC approved for full and part-time '1+3', '+3' through the Scottish Doctoral Training Centre.

Students with an interest in either Masters should contact Dr. Mark Cutler who is in charge of taught postgraduate courses in Geography.

Students with an interest in studying for a PhD should contact either Geography's postgraduate tutor, Dr. Martin Kirkbride (m.p.kirkbride@dundee.ac.uk), the Head of the Space and Society Research Group,  Dr. Lorraine van Blerk  (l.c.vanblerk@dundee.ac.uk) or a prospective supervisor from among our staff.