The Pollinating Wellbeing forum is a new collaborative initiative coordinated by the Universities of Dundee and Aberdeen, in partnership with the James Hutton Institute, Keep Scotland Beautiful and Scottish Natural Heritage.  The initiative is funded through the Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society (SAGES) Fora. 

Our Aims and Objectives:

The aim of Pollinating Wellbeing is to create a team of people from diverse backgrounds and interests to provide a supportive network in which to develop new initiatives and research grants. We seek to identify practices, processes and outcomes that enhance the capacity of both humans and nature to flourish.   This may include creative, revolutionary new understandings and approaches for example relating to public health which are connected with ecological forms of ‘green engagement’. 

Our Objectives:

  • Build, strengthen and broaden stakeholder/researcher networks 
  • Submit collaborative research proposals 
  • Create a multi-disciplinary research capacity for future societal and environmental needs 

Strategic Committee

Dr Beverley Searle, University of Dundee (Co-Convenor) b.a.searle@dundee.ac.uk

Dr Heather Morgan, University of Dundee (Co-Convenor) h.morgan@abdn.ac.uk

Clive Mitchell, Scottish Natural Heritage

Carole Noble, Keep Scotland Beautiful

Dr Kate Irvine, James Hutton Institute

Alasdair Hood, Dundee Botanic Gardens

Dr Liz Lakin, University of Dundee

Dr Chris Connolly, University of Dundee

Dr Daniel Clarke, University of Dundee

Andy Milligan, DJCAD, University of Dundee

Jennifer Williams, University of Dundee

Sophie Sherriff, University of Dundee

Esther Carmen, University of Dundee 

To join the network:  please email Dr Beverley Searle:  b.a.searle@dundee.ac.uk 


International Futures Forum ‘Capability Accelerator’ programme to run again this autumn.  

The Capability Accelerator is a programme of supported action learning designed to help you deliver a transformative project. Its aim is to support us to move from questions to answers and from insight to action.  

The initial two day workshop is scheduled to take place at The Boathouse in Aberdour on Thursday 5th 09.30 – 17.00 and Friday 6th October 09.30 – 15.30. 

You can find more information about the Capability Accelerator on the IFF Practice Centre website at http://www.iffpraxis.com/capability-accelerator.  

First Pollinating Wellbeing workshop will be held on 4th-5th September 2017.

The purpose of our first workshop is to bring together different voices from campaigners, practice, policy and academia.  The workshop will take the form of a two-day residential ideas event, to collaboratively identify initial areas that would benefit from new research and which will have practical relevance.  This may address and/or monitor the threats to natural and human health or wellbeing, or to provide robust evidence of the positive benefits of human-nature interactions.

Please note this workshop is now full.

Links of Interest

WHO Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health http://www.euro.who.int/en/media-centre/events/events/2017/06/sixth-ministerial-conference-on-environment-and-health

Scotland Futures Forum Project:  Scotland 2030 our environment:  http://www.scotlandfutureforum.org/scotland2030-our-environment