Welcome to the School webpage for information about postgraduate research in Geography. We offer supervision of research degrees at PhD and MPhil level in areas close to our own varied research expertise. As part of the School of the Environment we are part of a wider research culture, and indeed have thriving research links more widely within the University, so we welcome your inquiries for both discipline-specific and interdisciplinary research. We currently have PhD students of eight different nationalities from Europe, Africa and Asia.

Our research students are mainly Geography graduates, but students from related disciplines are welcomed. Our international research expertise covers a range of themes within Geography. Our human geographers are actively researching issues in the broad fields of population and welfare, social exclusion and health geography, while physical geographers have particular interests in the responses of natural systems to climatic and anthropogenic perturbations, especially in fluvial, coastal and glacial environments. Cross-over between human and physical geography involves societal responses and adaptations to environmental change. We have seen a steady stream of PhDs awarded in geography, supported by Research Councils (ESRC and NERC Case awards), University scholarships, and international governments. We are an accredited ESRC institution for doctoral research.

We have two Research Groups who co-ordinate research activity and host discussion groups and Round Table seminars on a regular basis. Our research students are integral to the activities of these groups:

Society Research Group

The group’s research is dynamic and distinctive, using innovation in methods as a driver of policy and practice change. Our research draws on a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches that are often participatory. We work with communities as motivators of their own change. Members of the group have particular expertise in relation to crime, forced labour, health and disability, media, migration, policing, poverty and security.

We have strong links with policymakers through a range of public and non-profit sector organisations, including the Consortium for Street Children (London), Home Office, Scottish Government, Police Scotland, United Nations and Volunteer Development Scotland. The group has worked with societal groups including the homeless, differently-abled, children and youth, women and the elderly. Our approach to researching with people is the central pillar of the work that we do to build equity and security.

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Environmental Systems Research Group

As a research student in physical or environmental geography, you will belong to a research group which carries out high-quality research into coastal and estuarine, glaciological, eco-hydrological and fluvial systems. These are supported by research expertise in remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Our specialisms have a common ethos; of scientific research which has clear relevance to the needs of society; of contributing to the development of theory, methods and practice through publications in top-quality peer-reviewed journals; of combining observation and measurement by fieldwork and remote sensing with conceptualisation and numerical modelling of environmental systems; and of developing international collaboration in all our core areas of activity. Current PhDs include research into glacier responses to climate change in Europe, remote sensing of groundwater depletion in North Africa, extreme rainfall and landsliding in western Scotland, and insurance industry adaptations to increasing flood risk in the UK.

We have a well-equipped research laboratory for chemical and sedimentological analyses and AMS measurement of radioisotopes. Field equipment includes state-of-the-art meteorological, hydrological, and glaciological equipment for sampling, survey and monitoring work including the recent purchase of a Leica DGPS. We have close links with the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station, the UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Science and Policy, the Italian Glaciological Committee, and the James Hutton Institute.

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We welcome informal inquiries to discuss PhD or MPhil research opportunities either to specialist staff, or to the Postgraduate Tutor, Dr Martin Kirkbride (m.p.kirkbride@dundee.ac.uk). Please see the Geography web pages for details including staff profiles and our current research students.