Ioan Fazey

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Chair of Social Dimensions of Environmental Change


Research interests

Ioan is an interdisciplinary researcher, using a variety of science and social science methods, collaborating with economists, ecologists, educationalists, quantitative modellers, social scientists, local communities and government and non-government organisations. His current research interests are in:

  • Interactions between people and ecosystems and their services, including valuing environment and environmental conservation
  • Vulnerability, resilience, adaptation and transformation;
  • Understanding processes of Knowledge exchange and expertise for sustainability;
  • Interdisciplinary, participatory and evidence-based methods for understanding and achieving sustainability in complex social-ecological systems;
  • Sustainable learning (How we understand and facilitate learning for change, adaptation and sustainability).

Recent research grants:

Fazey, I (2013). Learning lessons from community based resilience plans. Scottish Government Resilience Division (£10K).

Reed, M., (PI), Kenter, J. (Project manager), Fazey, I. (Co-I), Brady, E. (Co-I) O’Brien, L. (Co-I), Christie, M. (Co-I), Cooper, N. (Co-I), Church, A., (Co-I), Everard, M. (Co-I), Fish, R. (Co-I), Hockley, N. (Co-I), Holland, A. (Co-I), Irvine, K. (Co-I), Ravenscroft, N. (Co-I), Ryan, M. (Co-I), Waylen, K. (Co-I). (2012- Current) National Ecosystem Assessment: Shared, cultural and plural values. DEFRA/NERC/EHRC/AHRC (£250K).

Christie, M. (PI), Kenter, J. (Co-PI), Russel, D. (Co-PI), Fazey, I. (Co-PI), Jordan, A. (Co-PI) and others (Co-I) (2011-current) BRIDGE: bridging the gap between the supply of and demand for valuation evidence. NERC (£50k with £17K to Fazey) through Valuing Nature Network.

Fazey I. (PI) (2006-Current). Livelihoods, vulnerability and managing change in the Solomon Islands. Funds totalling European Union (Funds totalling £120K, including £90K from EU). A long term project in Kahua, Solomon Islands that aims to investigate and assist 40 communities in an isolated region of the Solomon Islands to improve governance of resource-use and build capacity to adapt to rapid social and environmental change, including climate change and the effects of the transition from a subsistence to a monetary economy. The work has included projects on education, resource-use, change, assessments of vegetation change using remote sensing, marine resource assessments, valuation of ecosystem services, local adaptive capacity, participation and social learning.

Fazey I. (PI) Research on adaptive capacity and transformation (2007 – current). This has included impact of teaching of resilience thinking to develop more sophisticated epistemological beliefs of students and contributions to K. O'Brien et al (2009-2011): “Towards a Revolution in Education and Capacity Building”, European Science Foundation Forward Look: Responses to environmental and social challenges for our unsustainable earth (RESCUE). ESF Forward Look 'Frontier of Science' Joint Initiative project.

Fischer, J. Fazey, I (Co-I) and others (Nov 2010- Current). Fostering sustainable development in Eastern Europe. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (€ 1.5 million).This 4 year project investigates sustainable development in traditional agri-livelihood systems in Transylvania with Romanian partners. Fazey is supervising 2 PhD students and assisting with research design and implementation.

Fazey, I, (PI) Evely, A. (2011-12). Advising the development and implementation of evaluation of knowledge exchange processes for CREW-EPPSI project with James Hutton Institute and St Andrews University. (£10K)

Spray, C. (PI), Fazey, I. (Co-I), Cook, B. (Co-I) and Kesby, M. (Co-I). (2010-11). Gatekeepers of Participation: Water management at the interface of Government and Society. Insight Knowledge Exchange project (£25K).Bringing together international experts to improve understanding of implementing participation in water management.

Reed, M. (P-I), Fazey, I. (Co-I), and L. Stringer (Co-I) (2010 – 2012). Transforming knowledge for sustainable uplands: Transdisciplinary participatory methods for understanding knowledge exchange processes RELU/ESRC (£167k) with the PDRA being supervised by Fazey (£93K).The work has included workshops with experts and will include developing best practice guidelines for Knowledge Exchange.

Petterson, M., Fazey, I. (Co-I), Dibben, C. (Co-I), Gaillard, J.C. (Co-I) (2010-11) Resilience to Volcanic and Tsunami Hazards within Indigenous Communities: Savo Volcano Solomon Islands and applications to other archipelago nations. NERC (£25K).A project co-managed by University St Andrews, Leicester University and Auckland University. This has included high level research workshops, community visits in the Solomon Islands and workshops with government and NGOs in the Solomon Islands.

Christie M. (PI), Fazey I (Co-PI) (2008). An Evaluation of Economic and Non-economic Techniques to Assess the Importance of Biodiversity to People in Developing Countries. DEFRA. (£50K).evaluation of economic and non-economic techniques for assessing the importance of biodiversity to people in developing countries.

Christie M (PI), Dennis P (Co-I), Fazey I (Co-I), Hyde T (Co-I), Warren J (Co-I), Thomas C (Co-I), Garrod B (Co-I), Gibbons J (Co-I) and Hanley N (Co-I). (2007-2010). Economic Valuation of the Benefits of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, DEFRA (£200K).


Academic Background

2008 Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education, Aberystwyth University

2001-2005 PhD at the Australian National University, Canberra. The nature and role of experiential knowledge for conservation - this included work with farmers and National Parks and Wildlife Staff about their understanding of the complex social and ecological dynamics of an extensive wetland system.

1998-2001 Ecological and conservation projects in UK and abroad.

1997-1998 M.Sc. in Ecology at the University of Wales, Bangor

1993-1997 B.Sc. in Zoology (Animal Ecology) at the University of Aberdeen


2015 - Driector Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience

2013 - current Professor Social Dimensions of Environmental Change, University of Dundee

2011- 2013 Senior Lecturer Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews

2009 - 2011 Lecturer Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews

2006 - June 2009 Lecturer Sustainable Rural Development, Aberystwyth University

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Recent publications




O'Brien, K., Reams, J., Caspari, A., Dugmore, A., Faghihimani, M., Fazey, I., Hackmann, H., Manuel-Navarrete, D., Marks, J., Miller, R., Raivio, K., Romero-Lankao, P., Virje, H., Vogel, C., Winiwarter, V., (In Press). You Say you want a Revolution? Transforming Education and Capacity Building in Response to Global Change Environmental Science & Policy. Environmental Science and Policy.

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Christie, M., I. Fazey, R. Cooper, T. Hyde, and J. Kenter. (In Press). An Evaluation of Monetary and Non-monetary Techniques for Assessing the Importance of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services to People in countries with developing economies. Ecological Economics.

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