Natalie's story

Natalie is from London and discovered The University of Dundee through clearing. She describes here why it is one of the best choices she has ever made.

I'm from London, and I'm a second year student going into third year this year at the University of Dundee. I'm studying Geography and I absolutely love it.


I love the flexibility of the modules. I now know what I like and don't like, which I'm really grateful for.

We do a lot of group work and that's helped me learn how to communicate with others, how to get my idea across without overstepping other people, and we've learned how to get the point of our essays directly across.

The University of Dundee has allowed me to develop all sorts of skills, and helped me find confidence that I never thought I had.

Staff are friendly - they have an open door policy so if you really need help with something, just go, don't hesitate to ask.

Preparing for the future

The Careers Service is really great, and the Geography department definitely encourage you to go and explore the services that they provide. I did an internship within the Careers Service with marketing and research, where again I developed my confidence, and developed skills that I may need for the outside world of work. It opened up a new pathway that I had never actually thought of before, so I'm really thankful to have done that.

Student life in Dundee

Cultural diversity

Coming from London I genuinely thought I wasn't going to experience other cultures around here, but I was proven wrong. The are tons of international students, and because of that I've been able to learn about all new cultures that I never thought I would've met or experienced.

Cost of living

Dundee is cheap! I absolutely love how cheap it is, coming from London. I love that I don't have to worry too much about my rent - it's a good standard price.

Things to do

For a small city there are actually a lot of things to do. I'm part of the trampolining sports club, travelling to competitions throughout the year, travelling to Manchester, Dublin, Belfast - we go all around. There's also rugby, women's basketball, swimming - there are all sorts of things you can join. I'm doing badminton as well, and I'm hoping to do boxing later this semester. There are also loads of societies - there's even a tea drinking society.

There's so much to do here. Coming from London I was pleasantly surprised. I'm glad that I came here as I've experienced a whole range of things that I never thought I'd be into.

Dundee has the number one student night life in Scotland. Whenever I meet people from Glasgow or Edinburgh, they're always telling me "Oh your union's this, your union's that." We have theme nights, societies do their own music nights, and we have a great big celebration for St Patrick's Day.

"Studying Geography at the University of Dundee has been a great experience. Modules have helped me develop new skills, as well as enhancing existing ones. Field trips are awesome as well, and Scotland is such a natural wonder in itself, with trips to Aviemore and hiking in the Cairngorms, I've gotten to see so much and do so much, and I still have two more years to go."

Natalie, Geography and Environmental Science student
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