Planning hosts 'A tale of two cities'

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Town & Regional Planning, in conjunction with the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), recently told 'A tale of two cities', discussing the past, present and future of Perth and Dundee in terms of planning and development. The event formed part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of planning education at the University whilst the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) marks its centenary in 2014. Perth and Dundee are the only two cities in the area covered by the RTPI’s East of Scotland Chapter, and the University has helped to shape both over the past half-century as many planning graduat...

Geddes Institute Lunchtime Forum

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Work at Lunch When Thursday 20 March, 12:30 to 1:30/2:00 Where Room 2F10 in the Dalhousie Building Garry Adam - Living in/on/from small projects: the Architect as Developer or Consultant Garry is a Certified Passive House Designer and a Lecturer in Architecture at the University of Dundee where he is also the Professional Studies Advisor. Moses Jenkins - The technical development of Scottish brickwork, 1700-1900 Moses is a Senior Technical Officer with Historic Scotland and PhD student in Planning at the University of Dundee. It would be great to see as many people as possible to this chat/information...

Issues and Challenges in Managing Marine & Maritime Environments & Heritage - Past, Present and Future

| Planning, Lectures & Workshops,news 2014, Geddes Institute

4th March 2014 The transformation of Dundee’s waterfront provides an important context for considering our relationship with the sea. Bringing The Discovery back to Dundee was a major impetus in the city’s regeneration. In Northern Ireland, the commemoration of the sinking of The Titanic was a catalyst in the revitalisation of Belfast, offering important opportunities to link past, present and future ambitions for the city. This event comprises three lectures designed to bring together students, practitioners and the general public around the management of our marine and maritime reso...

Attention Journal No. 1

| Architecture, Geddes Institute

Attention is Princeton’s Audio Journal for Architecture. It offers concentrated and curated discursive content about architecture in a format geared to a new kind of audience; today's distracted multi-tasking digital natives. At a time when habits of attention are evolving rapidly, and we are more likely to listen to a podcast while on the move or while working late at night than we are to sit down for a day to read a book or a traditional print journal from cover to cover, Attention deploys the affect of the spoken word in interviews and debates, to focus the ...

Urban Regeneration: A Titanic Task?

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Professor Deborah Peel, the new Chair of Architecture and Planning at the University of Dundee, used the Titanic Quarter and the waterfront regeneration of Queen’s Island in Northern Ireland for her Discovery Days lecture to identify some parallels between Belfast and Dundee. She pondered on how the disaster of the sinking of the Titanic was being re-imagined to assert the grand scale thinking of that city. “Dundee and Belfast share a ship-building and textile history and they are both engaged in major water-front transformations, seeking to address the difficult legacy of brownfield land and u...

2 lectures + 2 seminars by Dr. Iain Biggs

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Architecture + Art + Philosophy + Place-making >> Monday, 25 November, 2013: Lecture - ‘Deep Mapping and Place-based Research’ 2-3:00pm in 5013 Seminar - ‘Socially engaged practice’ for Architects and Art students 3-4:30pm  venue: Boardroom in the Crawford Building >> Tuesday, 26 November, 2013: Lecture –‘Art and Ecosophy' 11-12noon in 5013 Seminar: ‘Practice Based PhD’s' [for MFA in ART & Humanities plus invited students] 2-3:30pm venue tbc Dr. Iain Biggs Director of PLaCE (England)  Research Fello...

Creating Sustainable Communities: Better Approaches to Master-Planning Practice

| Lectures & Workshops, Geddes Institute

November 1st 2013 1 pm – 3 pm LT4 Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee A Symposium organised by the Geddes Institute for Urban Research, Architecture Design Scotland and The Academy of Urbanism, in collaboration withThe Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Planning Aid for Scotland and Sniffer. Full details here...

Geddes Institute Guest Lecture Programme

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The Geddes Institute for Urban Research: Guest Lecture Programme (Architecture and Planning) Draft schedule: Friday Sessions please check carefully time and location Wk Date Tentative title /theme Potential speakers Intended audience* Time and Location 1 13 Sep 2013 Introduction DG/HA to confirm (Bus trip)   A, B, C, D, E, F Tower Building entrance- 9:30 am- 4:00 pm (TBC) 2 20 Sep 2013 Climate change, Resources, regeneration and Sustainability Barry Greig, Scottish Government Konrad Zdeb, Improvement Service Kuan Loh,Development Manager, Craigmillar Park A , B,...

Mapping the future - Research beyond REF 2014

| Lectures & Workshops, Geddes Institute

A discussion of interdisciplinary research futures in the built and landscape environments Wednesday 5th June 2013: 9.30am-4.30pm Room 2F11, Dalhousie Building‌ 09.30 Coffee & chat 10.00 The purpose of the forum (Lorens Holm, Architecture) 10.15 Round table introduction of participants. 10.30 Presentations by guests (Six 10 minute presentations) John Rowan (Geography) - Environmental Futures Lesley McIntyre (Computing) - Social Inclusion in the Built Environment Mary Modeen (Fine Art, Philosophy) - The artist in the Environment Brian Smith (Philosophy) - The Inconsistent City Mohammad Radfar (Pl...

Master Planning Process Under Current Conditions

Master Planning Process Under Current Conditions
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A Practitioners Symposium at University of Dundee Held on Friday, 12th October 2012 Master-planning has had a strong revival in recent years. However, significant socio-demographic changes are on-going amidst the constraints of the current economic stagnation, the policy of reduced public spending and added pressure the search for growth places on the environment. This changing environment poses a major challenge for master-planning. The way we conceive of master-planning now requires re-visiting. The traditional perspective of master-planning as a design-led activity concerned with the architectural form ...