Scotland's City-Regions Smart Opportunity: Second Annual Conference

Geddes Institute fellow Diarmaid Lawlor announced as speaker at Scotland's City-Regions Smart Opportunity conference.
Head of Urbanism - Architecture and Design Scotland he is an urbanist, with a multi disciplinary background, he has worked on projects involving the shaping and implementation of change for clients in Ireland, the UK and Europe, for the public, private and tertiary sectors.
He has almost 20 years' experience of helping clients make well informed decisions about complex, connected urban policy and investment challenges.

This conference will discuss how we can most effectively release the potential of technology, infrastructure development and public data to foster competitive, efficient, joined up City Regions capable of competing globally and collaborating nationally.
We will examine how Smart City Regions can promote services and new applications which deal effectively with population growth, resource depletion, the challenge of reduced public spending and the need to improve the quality of services.
The conference will address the opportunities for smart city enablers and smart initiatives to deliver fully integrated smart City Region development. It will examine the power and potential of Scotland's City Regions as magnets for investment and innovation and as core drivers for economic growth, asking the question "What is the route to smart, sustainable, socially just, City Regions and what should successful Scottish City Regions look like?
Conference themes to be discussed will include:

  • Transport and mobility
  • Investment
  • Economic development and growth
  • Digital and data
  • Sustainability
  • People as consumers and enablers
  • Smart services
  • Collaboration and innovation
  • Global competition and opportunity
  • Mayors, Powerhouses and City States - What's happening?

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