ian ruaraidh harrison

Ian is a Research Student in the Dundee School of Architecture and an Assistant with RMJM working in architecture and urban design. He grew up in the remote western highlands and has since studied in Dundee and worked in Edinburgh. He graduated with distinction from the M.Arch. programme in 2007 after studying museologies of landscape with Kathryn Findlay.

My work is centered on a fascination with landscape as a way of understanding our environment. Mapping's contemporary overhall through the proliferation of technologies such as G.P.S. and G.I.S. provides tools for a new breed of specialist, personal and subjective mapmakers. Walking as a creative practice might be considered as a 'pure' art-form of personal engagement with landscape. I am interested in exploring these two techniques and the roles and contributions they have to make to urban and rural understandings in design fields.