The Cash Office and Sales Ledger sections process all management and collection of student fees.

Information for Students

Students can pay their tuition and accommodation fees by the following methods:

  • My Balance online system
  • bank transfer or
  • cheque

How to pay


In the event that you have received a credit note for fees that have already been paid or have overpaid fees in error, a refund can be requested by contacting the Cash Office at

Please note that all refunds will be paid directly back to the source which they originally came from.

Cash Office Location

Visit the Cash Office on the ground floor of the Tower Building on the City Campus.

Please remember to quote your student ID number on all correspondence

Information for Staff 

This information is for staff who administer student finances.


The Sales Ledger section processes all student invoices and credit notes created through direct links to Registry and Residences Office record systems. The invoices are printed and distributed by the Sales Ledger section.

Fee changes should be directed to Registry and Residences Office as appropriate.

Management & Collection of Fees

The Sales Ledger section in Finance deals with the collection of student fees and outstanding student fee payments.

Student Scholarships

When a School chose to fund a student for all or part of their tuition fees, the fees are charged internally to a nominated cost centre. It is essential that a valid cost centre code is given to Registry at the first notification of this funding. In the absence of a valid cost centre at the time of invoicing the fees will be charged in the following way:

Overseas Scholarships fees will be charged against the relevant School Overseas Scholarship Cost Centre. If the value does not relate to the normal scholarship levels of funding they will be charged to the relevant School Class Grant.
Departmental funding
(partial or full)
fees will be charged against the relevant School Class Grant.
Research funding 
(partial or full)
fees will be charged against the relevant School Class Grant.