‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Research Finance Services (RFS) sits within the Finance Directorate and provides a seamless service provision to academic staff for pre- to post- award management of non-commercial research grant applications and awards.  Working closely with Tayside Medical Sciences Centre, TASC, we also administer non-commercial research grant applications on behalf of NHS Tayside.

From initial enquiry for costings, through to submission of final expenditure statements, the RFS team will act as primary point of contact and will assist with all aspects of the process, liaising with School administrative staff as necessary.

In addition, RFS will provide post-award management for all commercial research awards which are passed over by the Research & Innovation Services (RIS) team.

Useful information and Forms

Grant application workflow process

Project Registration Form

Project Registration Form for TASC 

Project Registration Form for EC Horizon 2020

Full Economic Costing (fEC)

Estimating your time on a project using full fEC

Frascati Definition of Research

Guidance - Grant funding for Scientific technologies 

SLS Resource Planning Form - Scientific Technologies and Facilities-11 

Partnership Model Paper

Partnership Model Appendix

Grant Applications: Pre-award

The RFS Research Finance Officer:

  1. acts as the primary point of contact within RFS for support with grant applications;
  2. facilitates the process of costing and submitting grant applications working in conjunction with academic staff and School administrative staff as appropriate;
  3. provides advice on terms and conditions of funding, including the eligibility of cost elements;
  4. undertakes calculation of staff and indirect costs in line with Full Economic Costing methodology;
  5. provides assistance with the submission of applications, which is increasingly software based;
  6. ensures compliance with University and NHS Tayside policies during the grant application process;
  7. liaises with Contracts Managers, Research  Development Managers, IPR Managers (all RIS), School administrative staff and other administrative offices, both within and out-with the University, in order to complete grant applications.  Maintains dialogue with funding bodies on behalf of academic staff to clarify application procedures;
  8. ensures seamless transfer of business to the post-award environment where cost centres are established, liaising with RIS re any contractual issues as necessary;
  9. maintains electronic records of the progress of grant applications to award/failure including the RFS database system.

Grant Applications: Post-award

RFS will:

  1. create accounts within CODA for new projects;
  2. confirm to HR that adequate funding is in place for appointments to the research award;
  3. undertake invoicing and correspondence with funding bodies including annual reconciliations, statements and reports;
  4. pursue research debt;
  5. oversee expenditure activity and income on research projects;
  6. allocate overhead recoveries;
  7. liaise with grant holders, heads of departments and external agencies;
  8. assist with budgeting and forecasting; ensuring project budgets are maintained and information regarding income and overhead achievement is shared with the Schools.


RFS will arrange (by charging the research project and crediting departmental overhead recovery account codes) the recovery of overheads as agreed in the original award figures. Overhead recovery amounts will vary to the type of funder and the individual agreement entered into between the University and funding body. The need to maximise overheads recovery, to contribute towards the general running costs of the University is very important with Schools having targets for these recoveries set through the Academic Budget Model.

Raising Invoices/Claims

Each research project has an individual, unique set of terms and conditions, details of which are kept by RFS.

These terms and conditions will specify the frequency, format and content required by the funder when the University seeks reimbursement. RFS are responsible for securing reimbursement, either by invoice or grant claim direct to the funding body.

Supporting information and reports may be required from Academic members of staff to accompany the claims/invoices and it is helpful if such documents can be produced to coincide with any timetable incorporated into the award terms and conditions.

Completion of Projects

When a research project is ended RFS will liaise with the PI/School to ensure that the project is closed in a timely manner and that all eligible expenditure has been processed. The project cost centre will then be closed by the Management Accounting Section to prevent further transactions being posted to the account.

Grant Award Transfers

When a grant-holder transfers in or out of University of Dundee, there are procedures to be followed, depending on the funder and the circumstances of the transfer. The grant-holder should contact the Research Manager, Aileen Ward at a.j.ward@dundee.ac.uk at the earliest opportunity to discuss requirements.



RFS and RIS record all research and related activity that they provide support for on a database system (IRIS).  IRIS records all activity up to the point of transfer to the post-award system.  Reports can be provided from IRIS in various formats, to individuals, Deans, etc. as required. Requests should be made to the Research Manager, Aileen Ward at a.j.ward@dundee.ac.uk.

RFS maintain award information currently on the Research Projects database including start and end dates, project budget, award holder and sponsor information. Reports can be produced drawing on data both from the database and the financial systems providing information on spend, income, overhead etc. in various forms for PIs, school managers and others. Requests should be made to the Research Accountants, Michael Hassall at m.hassall@dundee.ac.uk or Donna Macfarlane at DMacfarlane001@dundee.ac.uk.


RFS is responsible for supplying information to contribute to many different reports including:

  • Transaction reporting to funders
  • End of Grant Spend Reports for funders
  • HESA return
  • HEBCIS return

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Research Finance Services is situated on Level 2 of the Tower Building.

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