The national scheme for NHS employees is open to a very few members of University staff. 

Pensionable earnings band in 2018/2019

Contribution percentage rate in 2019/2020

Up to £17,864


£17,865 to £23,112


£23,113 to £28,747


£28,748 to £53,025


£53,026 to £75,703


£75,704 to £116,360


£116,361 and above




Employers Contribution = 14.9%.

The maximum service is 45 years.

New Starts

Staff who meet the following criteria may be allowed to stay in the Scottish NHS Scheme.

To qualify you must:

  • have been contributing to the Scottish NHS Scheme within 12 months of joining the University
  • University contracts must be 'Lecturers', 'Clinical Academic/Researchers', ' Research Nurse', Research Pharmacist' or 'PhD students' within the 'Medical School' or 'Dentistry' or 'School of Life Sciences' - i.e. the contract held with the University must specify working within the Medical School or Dentistry or School of Life Sciences'.
  • Applied to join NHS within 3 months of joining the University

If you do not meet ALL these criteria, you will be opted into the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS).

For members who have a NHS 'added years contract' or are currently a member with NHS with another part-time post, please contact Pensions Office.


Normal Retirement age 65 For members who joined on or after 1 April 2008
Early Retirement 55 from April 2010