The University of Dundee operates 6 occupational pension schemes with a total membership of c. 2,500 employees.

Each Scheme has its own Rules and your benefits will be calculated according to the specific requirements of your Scheme. For information specific to your scheme please refer to the member's booklet or speak to the Pensions Manager.

New and Current Staff

The University offers 3 occupational pension schemes which are open to new and current members of staff.  Eligibility for each scheme is determined by your contract of employment.  Under automatic enrolment legislation any employee aged 16 to 74 may join a workplace pension scheme.  Please refer to your contract of employment for more information, alternatively please contact the Pensions Office.

The scheme that you are eligible to join is determined by your staff category.

Academic and Academic-Related StaffAcademic Staff in Scottish NHS Superannuation SchemeClerical/Technical/Manual/Support Staff
Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) The NHS Scheme for Scotland (NHSSS) The University of Dundee Superannuation and Life Assurance Scheme (UoDSS)

Restricted pension schemes

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Q&As - relating to USS and UoDSS pension schemes