ADH'S Additional Hours
ADH'SARR Additional Hours - arrears
ANIMAL OT Overtime payment to animal workers
ANIMAL TRA Travel allowance paid to animal workers
ARREARS Arrears of salary
BASIC PAY Salary Payment
BONUS Bonus payment
CAR PARKING Parking Permit cost (salary sacrificed)
CHILDCARE Childcare Voucher cost (Salary sacrificed)
CYCLE TO WORK SCHEME Deduction for 1/12th of bike cost
MISC PAYMENT Additional payment – taxable
O/TIME Overtime payment
OMP Occupational Maternity Pay
PENSION Payment to pensioners
SHIFT ALLOW Shift Allowance
S.M.P. Statutory Maternity Pay
S.S.P. Statutory Sick Pay
TRAVEL Travel allowance
UoD PENSION ADJ UoDSS pension scheme cost (salary sacrificed)
USS CRBs PEN ADJ USS pension scheme cost (salary sacrificed)