The University operates a charity giving scheme whereby you can give to the charity of your choice through salary.

As this is an Inland Revenue approved scheme, by making a regular contribution through salary, all donations are subject to tax relief. What this means is, if you contribute £20.00 per month, the net affect on your salary is £16.00, £12.00 or £10.00, depending on your particular tax bracket.

How to Participate:

  1. You can download a donor instruction form for Give As You Earn from:-
  2. Complete this, showing your monthly contribution and charity/charities to whom you are making the donation(s).
  3. Return the completed form to Payroll, 2nd Floor, Tower Building for actioning.

What payroll does:

  1. Implement on the next pay run, after receiving the completed form.
  2. Copy the form to the Charities Aid Foundation who are based in Edinburgh.
  3. Remit, on a monthly basis, to the Charities Aid Foundation, all monies deducted from salaries.

What GAYE does:

  • They disburse all monies received from the University in accordance with the instruction on the completed donation form.

Interesting Facts:

  • The ceiling of £1,200 per year has been abolished to allow donors to give even more.
  • The Government is committed to adding an extra 10% to all payroll donations for the next three years.