The Insurance Section of the Finance Office has 'executive' responsibility for the insurance policies held by the University.

The operational effectiveness of the policies is reviewed regularly in liaison with the University's insurance broker (Gallagher). The brokers are appointed following an open tendering exercise. Policies are reviewed annually by the Committee.

Inventory of items

All departments of the University are required to keep an inventory of items of equipment and other assets under their control.

The Finance Office maintains an equipment asset register, based on returns submitted by departments, reconciled to capitalised elements in the annual accounts. A register of properties and the associated deeds are also controlled by the Insurance section. 

Business Travel & Personal Accident Insurance

University employees (and their School or Directorate) are expected to make sure that they have appropriate travel and personal accident/emergency health insurance cover when they travel on University business. 

Those relying for cover on their personal travel or agency provided insurance should check that their policy includes 'Business' Travel and Personal accident/ Emergency health treatment cover when abroad.

Please see here for further information and FAQ 

Vehicle Insurance

The University's Vehicle Insurance Policy does not provide insurance cover for the use of vehicles owned by members of staff when used on University business or for private or personal use or hired cars for personal use.  In such circumstances, staff should check with their insurers that their policies provide adequate cover for business use.

Motor Insurers often provide additional cover for "business use" at little or no extra cost, dependant on their assessment of the additional risk involved. It is important that members of staff explain to their insurers the frequency and sort of journeys undertaken. (Estimates of annual business mileage may assist).

The phrase "social, domestic and pleasure purposes" in motor insurance policies is usually understood to include travel to "your usual place of work".

How to become an authorised driver to drive a University owned/leased/hired vehicle

Mileage rates

The rate which can be claimed for journeys using your own vehicle are as follows:


20p per mile

Electrical Vehicle

  4p per mile


24p per mile

Reduced Rate

25p per mile


45p per mile

Vehicle +1 passenger

50p per mile

Vehicle +2 passengers

55p per mile

Vehicle +3 passengers

60p per mile

Vehicle +4 passengers

65p per mile

Transport of hazardous material

Members of staff contemplating the transportation of hazardous materials should check with the Safety Office before loading their vehicle or undertaking a journey.

The carriage of hazardous materials is governed by detailed legislation and may effect the validity of insurance.

Goods in transit

The University's "Goods in Transit" and "Property" policies provide cover for University property which suffers accidental damage or loss but excludes theft from unattended vehicles. University property (including manuscripts) should be concealed from view and locked in the boot, if unavoidably left in an unattended vehicle.

As far as is practical, manuscripts and other reproducibles should be copied to avoid total loss in vulnerable situations.

Employers' Liability Insurance

It is a legal requirement that the University's current Employers' Liability Certificate 2021-22 must be either prominently displayed or made available to all employees in electronic format.

Research and Insurance

Research is integral to the University’s mission – and a key component of the work of undergraduates, postgraduates, and staff. The University carries a range of insurances to protect itself and its staff and students. To view these, please see Research and Insurance.