Finance Business Partnering provides finance business partnering support to the University’s Academic and Professional Services functions and staff.

We support the delivery of operational and strategic financial decision making to the Schools and Professional Services across the University using high quality management information and guidance. Providing high-level analysis of cross-University themes, projects and initiatives and scenario planning, pulling information from different sources.

We take a leading role in the strategic financial planning for Schools and Directorates working with Deans, School Managers and Directors to contribute to improved financial outcomes.

We produce reports, information and presentations for internal and external audiences.

We drive continuous improvement from the systems and maximise use of functionality.

We develop and maintain relationships at all levels of the University to enable delivery of professional financial challenge, support and advice.

We are responsible for building and maintaining strong communication links and strategic partnerships internally and externally.


We are here as a highly professional service to support, guide and challenge the Schools and Directorates we support, making our contribution to delivering the aims of the University and keeping a strong focus on financial sustainability and growth.


To find out who is responsible for your School/Directorate, please see below Support Model to locate which Team you need to contact before clicking on the contact details link (top right):



School of Art and Design
School of Business
School of Education and Social Work 
School of Humanities
School of Social Sciences

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     Team B

School of Dentistry
School of Health Sciences
School of Medicine 

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School of Life Sciences

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School of Science and Engineering

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