Centrifuge Laboratory

We are home to Scotland’s only geotechnical centrifuge

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Fulton Building 



City Campus

Since its installation in 1997, a wide range of actuators have been developed in-house and commissioned externally to address a wide variety of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering problems in a high-g environment.  

  • 150 g-tonne beam centrifuge (Actidyn C67-2)
  • Servo-hydraulic earthquake simulator
  • Fault-rupture simulator
  • Climate simulation chamber
  • Thermal circuit (heating & cooling) for simulation of geothermal energy systems
  • 3-axis in-flight loading system (robot)
  • High capacity combined vertical and rotational loading system
  • High capacity lateral loading system
  • Large In-flight direct shear apparatus (for slope stability studies)
  • Horizontal drag apparatus (ploughing, anchors)
  • High-speed data acquisition system
  • High speed in-flight imaging (up to 6000 fps,
  • Wireless in-flight photography and videography systems
  • Access to 3-D printing facilities
  • Element test support