Biomaterials Laboratory

Develop and evaluate new biomaterials and coatings

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Biomaterials Lab F24

Fulton Building



City Campus

Data-physics OCA-20 contact angle analyser

The high incidence of infections caused by the use of implanted biomedical devices, including catheters, bone fracture fixation pins and heart valves etc. has a severe impact on human health and health care costs with increased morbidity and mortality.

This facility is to allow you to develop and evaluate new biomaterials and coatings with anti-bacterial properties and to design and evaluate new anti-infective biomedical devices and implants. 

Equipment and facilities

  • Advanced coating systems
  • Dataphysics OCA-20 contact angle analyser
  • QCMD 300 quartz crystal microbalance
  • Fluorescence microscopes
  • Cell culture and bacterial adhesion test rigs
  • Incubators
  • Autoclave
  • Flow chambers and urine flow systems;
  • Dipping device for biofilm adhesion strength assays
  • CorrTest Electrochemistry Workstation 
  • UV-spectrometer
  • Fume cabinet
  • Biological safety cabinet 


Prof Qi Zhao