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We provide a regional needs assessment and assistive technology training service to disabled people in higher education or employment.

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Higher Education Access Centre
Disability Services
Old Technical Institute
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University of Dundee
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Disability Services

The Higher Education Access Centre provides a professional assessment, advice and training service to disabled people and to those who support, educate or employ them. Clients can make an informed choice about a range of 'high' tech, 'low' tech, and 'no' tech strategies to support their needs.

In addition, the Centre offers advice to disabled people considering further or higher education, and to organisations wishing to improve their working environment to support disabled employees.

The Centre consists of a confidential assessment and training room with a wide range of equipment and software for both PCs and Macs. It includes excellent facilities for the evaluation of a wide range of enabling technologies for physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities, including dyslexia.

This includes the following facilities.

This equipment is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect advances in assistive and mainstream technology.

Assessments undertaken by the Access Centre are independent of all manufacturers and suppliers of assistive technology, and the Centre provides unbiased, individualised recommendations for appropriate technical support. Clients can make an informed choice to suit their needs from the range of potentially useful equipment that is available either "in house" or loaned from another Access Centre or equipment supplier.

Students who are eligible for the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) can claim the cost of the assessment and training services provided by the Access Centre from their grant awarding authority. Referrals to the Access Centre must be approved by the student's awarding authority, their institution or another funding source before an assessment can be undertaken. 

We have particular expertise in providing a professional, study needs assessment service:

  • Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) - we support disabled students' applications for support with their studies
  • Disabled Students' Advisory Group (DSAG) - we are members of this Scottish Government group for discussing national disability issues
  • Toolkit of Quality Indicators for Needs Assessment - we are validated by the Scottish Government to undertake needs assessments
  • Toolkit Guidance - we are required to provide evidence of our services for validation purposes

We are recognised as an accredited DSA needs assessment centre by student funding authorities, including:

We have close links with the department of Computing and the School of Education and Social Work. These departments are involved in disability research and development, including the use of computer applications to assist disabled people.

The Access Centre is wheelchair accessible and car parking is available on Smalls Wynd (accessible bay signed 'Access Centre Parking Only')


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