Each year our Saturday Series focusses on a social issue that affects not only the University community and the wider city but the country as a whole.  This year we will feature the work and research of some of our academics and all events will be in the form of panel discussions. Each event will take place in the Dalhousie Building at 6pm and are followed by a drinks reception.



Please note that this series has currently been postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and we aim to reschedule each of the events at a later date.




The Climate Emergency: Local Responses to a Global Menace

14 March 2020 

Experts from different areas across the University of Dundee will discuss their work in relation to the Climate Emergency and look at what communities from the university and across the city, as well as individuals, can do to address this.


Ageing Society

9 May 2020

Ageing is a complex process with socio-economic, genetic and environmental drivers. In a society where life expectancy is ever-increasing, what impact does an ageing population have on the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups, communities and societies?






Broken Smiles

25 April 2020

This debate will look at how dentistry can act as a driver for social justice and inclusion.  Experts in oral health and criminal justice will talk about their experiences in this area and look at what we can do to ensure people become included in the communities and society in which they live.







2019 Programme

9 February  Douglas Alexander - Tackling Global Poverty

9 March  Diana Nammi - Building a Sustainable Future Free from Violence

13 April  Jo Ruxton - A Plastic Ocean


2018 Programme

10 March  Panel discussion - Our Mortal Remains

24 March  Louise MacDonald OBE - Building the Boat: Designing our communities with young people

14 April  Anuja Dhir QC - Against All Odds

19 May  Jonny Benjamin OBE & Neil Laybourn - The Journey to Hope and Recovery

26 May  Lauren Currie OBE - Why it's time to be #upfront and share our power


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