Dental TV Club (4 week block) (Online)

Tuesday 9 August 2022 - Tuesday 30 August 2022

Reach Tayside are delighted to announce the return of our Dental TV Club for 2022!

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Tuesday 9 August 2022, 18:00 - Tuesday 30 August 2022, 20:00
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A hugely important part of writing a personal statement for Dentistry and preparing for dental interviews is being able to demonstrate an understanding of the dental profession. TV Club is a 4 week block of sessions designed to help you reflect on working in the dental sector and give you a kind of virtual shadowing experience!

Starting on Tuesday 9th August 2022, we will run four consecutive weekly sessions where we will get together and discuss specific episodes of dental documentaries.

Each week we will assign you a dental documentary to watch in advance of the live Teams session. When we then meet on Teams, at the times and dates detailed above, we will discuss the episode with our amazing team of dental students, reflecting on what we saw (the patient's condition, the dental teams actions, the skills, qualities and attributes in the staff etc), issues in Dentistry more broadly and some important standards of dental practice, including ethics and autonomy!

These sessions are open to all S5 and S6 registered Reach pupils with an interest in Dentistry. We strongly advise you attend all 4 sessions, to ensure you gain as much insight into the profession as possible. When booking tickets - please register for 4

When booking tickets - please register for all 4 sessions.

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