Centre for Freedom of Information Annual Practitioners' Conference: FOI Professionals - Holding the Key

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Reflecting the importance of FOI Professionals in the operation of information regimes

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09:20 - 12:45
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The practitioners’ conference is specifically designed to provide anyone working in FOI for a Scottish public authority with practical advice and opportunities for discussion as well as the latest updates and developments in the field.

This year’s conference theme is FOI Professionals – Holding the Key. Key to the operation of information rights in Scotland, FOI professionals hold expertise and knowledge that is fundamental to the success of Scotland’s various information regimes.

In light of the importance of FOI professionals, this year’s conference will provide space to reflect on the role of FOI professionals within public authorities and support professionals in considering the complexity of Scotland’s information legislation.

If you have any questions about the event, please email Dr Sean Whittaker (s.x.whittaker@dundee.ac.uk) or Donna Hendry (d.c.hendry@dundee.ac.uk).

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Donna Hendry

ISSR Research and KE co-ordinator

Event type Conference