Bangs, Taps, Rattles, Echoes, Whispers
A screening event reverberating with the experimental sound practice of Bow Gamelan Ensemble
We Shall Be Monsters (Being Human 2018)
  • Start: 16 Nov 5:30PM      End: 16 Nov 7:00PM      Add to Calendar
  • Location: Central Library, Dundee, DD1 1DB
Award-winning writer Anna Stewart will lead a writing workshop exploring a theme central to Frankenstein and to contemporary society: the outsider.
Two films about LGBTQI+ life in Kenya
Double bill film screening of films about LGBTQI+ life in Kenya
Frankenstein Returns! (Being Human 2018)
Come along to the eagerly awaited return of our own home-made superhero, Frankenstein’s monster, on his 200th birthday.
Frankenstein's Medical Marvels (Being Human 2018)
We are taking over the Dundee Science Centre, with some special Frankenstein-themed activities.
Frankenstein Re-membered (Being Human 2018)
An exclusive screening of a commissioned 'Frankenstein' film by local experimental filmmaker and PhD student Chris Gerrard.
The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) (Being Human 2018)
A rare chance to see this horror classic on the big screen, back where it belongs, starring the iconic Boris Karloff as the Monster.
Cancer Support Group
Support group meeting for those living with and supporting those with cancer