Rethinking Plants - Science Showcase
Find out more about the cutting-edge research into plants being carried out at the University of Dundee and the James Hutton Institute.
Botanical Poetry - Creative Writing Workshop
In this workshop led by poet and critic Heather H Yeung you will read examples of botanical poetry and have a go at writing your own
Plants Exhibitions Guided Tour
Join Curator Matthew Jarron, student Elena Miserotti and Botanic Garden engagement officer Neil Paterson for a guided tour of our new plants-themed exhibitions
Plant Printing Workshop
Come and see the beautiful forms and pigments of our wild flowers by learning a very simple and easy plant printing technique with DJCAD artist Tina Scopa
Exploring our own Backyard: Local plants and habitats in Dundee’s Botanic Garden
Highlighting the native plants area at the Botanic Garden
Botanical Conversations: the Science and Beauty of Plants
Highlights from the University’s amazing Herbarium collection
Trajectories Exhibition at LifeSpace Gallery
An exhibition of contemporary art and scientific methods for exploring how perceptions of space influence and direct gestures, balance and movement.