Preview & Performance | The Pleasure of Expense
Exhibition opening of The Pleasure of Expense, where the curtains will be raised with an all-female operatic ensemble performing live.
Festival of the Future
The University's celebration of science, arts and culture with over 50 events over 5 days in Bonar Hall and venues across the city.
Outwith Reading Group | Led by Hussein Mitha
A discursive reading group considering class consciousness and liberatory education models within children's theatre.
Art for All - The Pioneering Story of Public Art in Dundee
An exhibition exploring Dundee's outstanding collection of public art.
Double Her: The Female Body as Political Image
A workshop considering a range of performance art and activism that has questioned architectures of hard as well as soft power, led by Dr. Catherine Spencer.
Screening: How Every Film You Watch Tells You...
"How Every Film You Watch Tells You To Love The Rich and What to Do About It" Screening, plus art/politics panel discussion.
D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum Saturday Openings
The University's Zoology Museum is now open to the public on the second Saturday of each month.
AHRA Conference - Architecture & Collective Life
The 16th Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference of the Architectural Humanities Research Association.